Our integrated curriculum is designed to provide for academic excellence and to foster an awareness of the positive effects the gospel message has on a child's everyday life, both on a personal and community level.  This integrated educational and religious environment encourages the discovery of Christian values during the child's natural growth using a variety of teaching techniques promoting active learning in all subject areas of the curriculum.







St. Agnes School students have consistently  performed above state norms on Standardized Tests.


Specialty Instructors on staff include:  Music, Physical Education, Counseling, Library and Computer Science.



The St. Agnes School Library media center is at the center of the school's educational program.  The purpose is to provide library services to all students and staff and to ensure that students are effective users of information in the library.  The library creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.  In addition to a computer in each classroom, a computer lab is available for all grades.


St. Agnes School is accredited by the state of South Dakota.  Accreditation is based on an annual system-wide assessment.  In the recent on-site evaluation, the accreditation team stated, "The

philosophy is Christian, child centered, and appropriate for the school.  The school climate reflects a Christian atmosphere and demonstrates the commitment of the Church to meet the Christian and educational needs of each child attending St. Agnes School."


St. Agnes School is committed to providing quality education to all of its students.  Individualized special help is provided to students as needed.  Through cooperation with the Vermillion Public School District, a Chapter I tutor diagnoses weaknesses in reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics.  Remedial training is provided at St. Agnes School when needed and speech therapy is provided by the Vermillion Public School District.  USD students also assist with classroom activities through their paraprofessional experience.


St. Agnes school benefits from a wide variety of community resources.  University of South Dakota resources include:  The National Music Museum, ID Weeks Library, School of Education, Department of Dental Hygiene, and the Rural Development Telecommunications Network.  The W. H. Over State Museum, Vermillion Area Arts Council, Artist-in-the-School-Program, and the Vermillion Public Library also provide educational and cultural enrichment.

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